Eric Brief Mug Shot

Hi, my name is Eric Brief. My mother wanted me to be a doctor, but I became an SEO guy. I started off my career in digital marketing eight years ago, working at a really big company and I was astonished to learn two huge things about SEO during that time. The first thing that I learned was how absolutely incredibly valuable good SEO is for a business. The second thing that I learned was how often and how frequently terrible SEO is being delivered to businesses and how debilitating it can be. And because of what I’ve learned, I decided I needed to get my own business, my own team with the absolute best SEO people out there that are completely focused on doing this one thing that a business can do in digital marketing that is going to bring the highest possible return of any other digital that you could possibly get. And that’s why I love SEO.

Our company is so dedicated to bringing you the highest quality SEO. We have been working on thousands of websites testing to see what works. In 2021, there’s actually two main spots you got to be in organically. The first one is the Google My Business, listing also known as Maps. Now we have found that over 50% of all local business leads are actually coming from that section. Also, the second section, more traditionally people know as the organic section, that section is still an enormous piece of getting business. Between those two, that really makes up what we’re talking about when we say SEO. Now showing up there, you are going to get the highest quality clicks, meaning people who have the highest intent of actually going ahead and purchasing or calling about that service.

As time goes on your results, just get better. We get to choose exactly the search results that you want to rank for and even the ones that we don’t focus on, end up getting results. You are building something that’s part of your brand. You’re building up your business, your equity in Google and as time goes on, the results only get better. The thing that you really need to keep in mind when you’re hiring an SEO company, is am I going to hire someone that just does digital marketing that does ads, that does design all of that stuff? Or am I going to hire a company who is laser focused, sniper approach, on how to generate the most possible traffic, clicks and calls from your website?