Anchor Text

What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is the text that a user clicks on to follow a link. In the HTML code, it is as follows: <a href=”URL”>anchor text</a>

One of the major differences between an SEO friendly anchor text and an under optimized anchor text profile is that the latter is less visible to search engine spiders. When done in excess, anchor text can have the opposite effect of what is intended. For example, if you have an anchor text distribution that consists of more words that are not descriptive keywords, search engines will deem the distribution as less relevant to the query than a more descriptive anchor text distribution. In fact, search engines have been known to ban websites for the use of too many meaningless anchor text keyword combinations.

Why is Anchor Text Important?

anchor text in html codeAnchor texts are a fundamental part of Off Page SEO strategy. They are words or string of words that serve as links to a particular website. However, when done in excess, anchor text can cause search engine spiders to deem a website as low quality. Hence, it is necessary to appropriately control the use of anchor text in order to avoid search engine penalties and spamming.

An anchor text usually consists of one or more keywords, and sometimes even one or more web addresses. However, anchor text that contains more words that are not relevant to the topic is considered a spam. Usually, an anchor text distribution consists of one to three words, in any direction. However, the distribution of words does not need to be strict. Just make sure that your anchor text distribution contains enough keywords that are relevant to the topic.

Over Optimization of anchor texts in SEO campaigns is known to lead to Google penalties like Penguin. Google, unlike other search engines, frowns on overoptimization of anchor text in organic listings. This is because the over optimization of anchor text results in search engine robots banning the site from the index. Google also employs a quality score, which is based on the relevancy of anchor texts. A high relevancy score ensures that a website receives high quality traffic, making it a high priority for top search results.

Anchor texts play a major role in the success of a targeted keyword campaign. They can be used in conjunction with other anchor text elements such as the post title, to gain additional benefit with SEO. For instance, if your main anchor text keyword is “accentuates retention,” you can combine it with the post title, thus achieving the same objective. You would then write:

Anchor Text Clouds

Anchor text clouds are another useful technique for SEO. By creating a cloud pattern over a low-quality website, Google will determine that the page is a low-quality website. This method is most effective for low-quality non-related web pages such as personal blogs and news sites. It’s also effective for low-quality, out-of-date or poorly-designed websites.

Social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook make great tools for obtaining backlinks. However, their algorithm primarily weights anchor text distribution according to influence. Therefore, social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook do not apply direct link building to anchor text distribution. Instead, these media outlets indirectly promote link building via a high-level link distribution network.

Another alternative for anchor text distribution is for businesses to directly promote their links. For example, if you own a fitness equipment store, you could create a Facebook profile and set up a fan page. In addition to your fan page, you could also include links to any of your store’s individual products. The key to success here is to have an attractive profile that offers a mixture of information that’s relevant to fitness equipment. You’ll get links from Facebook and Google, as well as from your own Facebook and Google+ page.