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I don’t believe you can buy SEO services a la cart…

What is correct to do in one area for SEO is affected by what has been done in other areas!

You should look for an SEO consultant who knows all the parts of what it takes to rank a website in Google and how to put those parts together to form a powerful whole.

In other words, you don’t want to hire someone to just do part of an SEO project.

So, no, I won’t just do On Page SEO or just do Link Building or just do Maps SEO , and I don’t think you should hire anyone who would offer SEO services in this way!

Should we get into contact and mutually decide our businesses are a fit, here’s what my SEO services look like:

I start every project with research and planning.

I will look at what your SEO opportunities are and how we can go about targeting them optimally for your business.

From there…it depends on your business’s specific situation…

…maybe your website needs lots of link building…

…maybe you do business locally, so you need to do Maps SEO…

…maybe there is a lot of opportunity to target new searches via making changes to your website…etc.

If you would like to know what SEO services are most optimal for your business, then Contact me for a free SEO analysis and recommendations.