The short answer is YES, having an SSL certificate setup properly for your website does help with SEO.

This means that your website shows up in the navigation bar of your web browser as “https” …

…without the browser throwing any errors in your face.

Yeah, Google has stated that SSL is a ranking factor, but the importance of having an SSL actually goes deeper than that.

If a searcher is using Google Chrome, then they will get a big error message before arriving on your site warning the user that the website is not secure!

Therefore, a lot of users will bounce back to where they came from and not engage with your website at all…

…thus hurting the important engagement metrics of your website.

Engagement metrics can have a HUGE effect on where you rank in Google’s SERPs!

Furthermore, getting an SSL setup is super easy and inexpensive to setup (in most cases)…

…so, there’s no real reason not to get an SSL setup!

If you would like help properly setting up an SSL certificate on your website, then contact me today and get a free SEO analysis and recommendations.