New York SEO
SEO Basics.

Search Engine Optimization Consulting with Integrity.

SEO 101 can be a tricky topic because SEO is a complex discipline that didn’t exist 25 years ago.

That said, I think we can break SEO down into 4 primary areas of action for your business:

On Page SEO

These are actions you take to change your website. This is the simplest area to work on because, among other reasons, you have complete control over your website

Local SEO

AKA Maps SEO. If you run a business that does targets customers local to your area, then Local Search is going to be incredibly important. It is like the VIP line for businesses in Google’s search results.

Off Page SEO

AKA Link Building. These are actions you take outside of your website. Specifically, building links from authoritative, relevant, and trusted websites to your website.

Engagement SEO

Google is tracking how visitors respond to your brand, content, website, etc. They are tracking this everywhere — on your website, in Google’s search results, on your social profiles, etc. Basically, Google sees high visitor engagement as a sign that that visitor found what he or she was looking for.