Local Business Citations are an important part of Local SEO (GMB SEO)

…to be clear, they aren’t as important today as they were back in 2017, but they are still something that should be factored into your SEO strategy for your local business.

It used to be that for local businesses it was a race to see who could get the most citations, but that wasn’t good, so Google changed the way they look at Maps SEO.

You see, ranking your GMB listing has become very important for local businesses over the last several years as Google as pushed their maps results into and at the top of their search engine results pages (SERPs).

Therefore, the businesses that rank well in Google Maps get to be in the VIP line.

Furthermore, they added many other factors to their local SEO algorithm, so it wasn’t just a silly race to see how many citations a business could get.

How Does a Business Use Local Citations Optimally for SEO?

Basically, you want to have keywords (or partial keywords) in your brand name and domain name to get maximum benefit from your citations.

There’s actually a pretty deep answer here that would require A LOT of explanation and data…

…basically, when your business information has keywords in it, those keywords get naturally used by the websites that display your business information on their website.

As a result, your business gets more relevance to your industry and its keywords.