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Many businesses have websites but don’t enjoy the benefit of local search engine optimization. This form of SEO deals with local web pages and how they rank in a Google search for your business name. When you sign up to be listed on sites like Yelp or Merchant Circle (local citations), these are some examples of white hat forms of local search engine optimization.

The basic concept of this type of marketing is to create a website listing and add positive reviews to your business. By doing so you can grab the attention of users that are specifically seeking out services in your area.

You should also create a Google My Business account for your business and be sure that you have claimed your listings on sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Merchant Circle, and City Search. The more of these sites that have been “claimed” the better. You want to be sure that your business information is listed on these sites and you should especially try and get a link back from them when possible.

Links to your website from these pages will help create a stronger base and allow you to be able to rank higher in local searches. By ranking high on Google you will be able to bring in more customers with ease and your business will see a higher return from the customer base that is searching for local services.

If your brick and mortar business doesn’t have a website then you should consider creating one so that you can list your business information on it. You will want to be sure that your website includes the same information that is listed on these other sites as well. This will help build a more credible business reputation and allow you to rank higher. This is also a great way to go about building trust with potential customers.


Google Maps

For a business where Google’s Maps listings are showing up as the first organic (non-paid) result in Google’s search results for searches their target market is making ranking in Google Maps is CRUCIAL.

The Maps results are the VIP line for attracting customers via the search engine because the Maps listings show up before any other organic listing , therefore ranking in Maps organic is far more valuable than ranking in the non-maps Organic (On side Images).

For a lot of local businesses, the Maps are in every single search phrase they want to rank for! For example, if you provide a home service like plumbing, electrician, etc, then the above statement is true.go ahead and search up what you want to rank for and you’ll see…

The organic Google local business results have become more and more prominent in these search results over time.pushing down the non-maps organic search results further and further down the page. Hence, the term “VIP line” for the Google Maps listings.


Furthermore, Google’s local business algorithm is almost completely different than it was 3-5 years ago…to the point that a lot of old SEO ideas have not died and many people doing local SEO don’t even know what battlefield they are competing on…

You see, where you search from has a huge influence on which local results Google serves up to you.Maybe 3 miles down the road, they serve up a completely different list of local businesses…maybe they serve up the same businesses.

In order to truly see how you rank, you should be looking at ranking geogrids…if your current SEO company is not showing these to you and you do business locally, then there’s a good chance your Maps SEO gameplan is missing major pieces.

When you are tracking things properly, it becomes much more practical to come up with an SEO plan that actually grows your business and enables you rank your Google My Business page (GMB) over a much wider area.

Checkout these 2 sample ranking geogrids On The Left Images