The Google Maps listings has become the VIP line for local businesses when it comes to attracting their target market via Search Engine Optimization.

In other words, where your GMB (Google My Business page) listing ranks can have a huge effect on sales for your business!

Watch the following New York Local SEO video below:

Approximate video transcript:

Hey everyone. This is Eric Brief with New York SEO Mensch. I wanted to talk about the huge importance of Maps SEO when it comes to New York local businesses here. Maps really is the VIP line for local businesses in Google. This is the first page of Google here. You got your paid results on the top. Most people really move past them. In fact, 80% of all clicks happen in this Maps plus organic section. But most of those right now for local business searches are happening in Maps. It’s actually incredible when we look in our top ranking businesses that are ranking in the top three in Maps, and the top three in Organic. Maps will get about 80% of the phone calls. It’s quite incredible.

The reason why that really is, is because it shows up first. Something like a first, second, and third positions in the organic results, it’s really like fourth, fifth, and six, because the top three results are right here in this Map stuff. When Google is showing what results to show up, this is like the hyper-local organic section, and this is more just a regular organic section. This really has a huge premium on it. Maps, for local businesses, they’re showing up even more and more as time goes on. Back in the day, maybe some searches would have a Map section, and now any search is actually really having Maps show up. That’s why it’s getting so many calls, and it’s because people are recognizing that having the reviews, and a way to look at that business through that Map right away is making a huge difference for conversion.

Now, one thing to keep in mind here, is that your optimization for Maps is a little bit more nuanced than you might think. These are different heat maps here, if you will, of where you’re ranking. Now, if you were to do a search ranking for your keyword in New York, let’s say if you’re a plumber, like plumber, New York. Well, what would happen is you’re showing up in the Google my business section. Right? Can you see where this number one is here? You might show up really well for where your business is located within like a one mile radius, because each one of these little bubbles is a mile away from where the business is located, but you’re not showing up directly around there, north, south, east, west. If you Google yourself, you’re not going to get a good idea of whether you show up in the Map section. I can help you see what your ranking heat map is.

But if you look below here at this second one, what you’ll see here is that there’s a lot of greens, right, one, twos, and threes. Not only is this business ranking well for their main keyword where they’re located directly, but they’re also ranking for that keyword in quite a good radius. It’s not just ranking for a couple of keywords in one small location, it’s ranking for as many keywords that are valuable to rank for as possible in as far and wide of a radius that you possibly can in your area.

A little bit more about that. The more that you can show up in Maps for as many keywords as possible, right, it’s taking up more real estate on that first page, and you’re going to be able to get more engagement, and clicks, and if somebody doesn’t look in the Maps, right, we’re going to get you organically below there. Ultimately, what I’d like to do, is essentially contact me for a free analysis for your SEO, also for Maps. I’ll give you any recommendations that we need, and I’ll also show you how we can create optimal level SEO plan for you, high level for your business, so that we can not just dominate organically, and get you ranking a little bit in Maps, but get you ranking for the best keywords as strongly as possible, and as wide of a radius as possible in the area that you serve. Looking forward to talking. Thanks.