What SEO Services do I provide?

Perhaps more importantly, what SEO Services should you be looking for in New York?

These are important questions!

Approximate Transcription:

Hey, guys. Eric Brief again with New York SEO Mensch. I want to talk about our SEO services, the services we provide and services that we don’t provide, and why.

A lot of people ask, the question is like, “Hey, can you just do my onsite?” Or, “Can you build a couple links for me?” SEO isn’t really a piecemeal service, because it involves all of the elements of the SEO working together. It’s really parts that are designed to work as a whole, so on-page and off-page, SEO is interactive. Part of the Maps SEO has to do with your website, Maps SEO creating off-page activity. And then there’s research and planning, and that involves the entire holistic picture of everything.

We’ve encountered a couple of weird situations over the years, people asking for different things, but ultimately, unless there’s some sort of exception, like site speed is extremely low, which is focusing on that SEO here, piecemeal definitely doesn’t work. If you wanted to, you could go on Upwork or Fiverr or something like that and buy links. There’s a reason why it’s easy to do that, and it doesn’t cost a lot. It’s ineffective and it’s not something … ever recommend because a link without the holistic picture is more likely to hurt you than help you.

The next thing is the question of, is SEO expertise real? And I would ask, kind of say, yeah, of course it is, because you kind of have to be a specific kind of nerd to do SEO. There are all sorts of businesses, and you’ll probably see this out there if you look, or you’ve probably experienced a lot of different digital marketing agencies that say they offer Facebook ads, social media help, pay-per-click on Google, all of those different things, especially … I actually have a cousin Andy, he’s an orthopedic surgeon, but that claim to do all of these different things. And what’s really tough about that is they’re all really hard to do in and of themselves, and they all require different levels of expertise. But SEO, not only is it the highest possible ROI that you can get from any of these services, but it is a beast, and these are all beasts in of themselves and you have to be totally kind of obsessed with SEO in order to do an amazing job.

And the reason you believe that is because SEO is constantly changing. There are updates every other month on Google and there’s major updates every six months, at least for all of those things, so you have to be on top of the game. Second of all, there’s that concept of the hiring a company versus a person. I actually personally worked at an agency with over 50,000 clients and they had one person who was an SEO expert. Now, do you think that that person who’s an SEO expert, who, I can tell you for sure, is less of an expert than the people on our team here. That person couldn’t possibly have worked on each person’s site that they said they did SEO for. It’s impossible. When you work with a company, the best that you can get is going to be less than working with us, I mean New York SEO Mensch. We’ve essentially got one person focusing on one service that that’s all we care about, so it’s going to be next level.

Also SEO, when we talk about easiest things to hide, why it says this here, is because when you do all of these different services, like Facebook ads, social media, pay-per-click, they’re all going to be able to bring in some results, hopefully, if the person who’s running them would be decent. But SEO is really the easiest thing to hide that you’re not doing well because it takes serious reporting. And I’ve seen so many different companies, both companies that I’ve worked for and companies that have, I guess, in the competitor realm, that they show all the results, like this is how much traffic or this is how many calls you got, but the context of it is everything. And they don’t want to break down what the actual search engine and Google Maps results are, because if you saw them, you’d be pretty disappointed because they’re really, really quite poor, and that’s so common.

The thing is about having a really narrow focus on SEO is it allows us to put all of our energy and effort into that. And if I’m starting a business from nothing, the most important thing I’m focusing on in terms of marketing is going to be SEO. It’s the best long-term and moderately short-term investment, because it will bring a better ROI than anything else, and it really, depending on the kind of business, if you’re local or not, you could show up two times on the first page and really own that.

And back to the big digital marketing companies out there, or even a smaller company that does many different services, it’s very unlikely that that business, I would say it’s pretty close to zero, that that person has a more than a basic SEO understanding. SEO tools and expertise absolutely takes years, years and years to learn and become a master at it. Because what you’re essentially doing is understanding all the things that Google and search engines have used to rank in the past, plus all the new changes that are happening. So having an experience of so many years before changes and that once change has happened helps you understand the trajectory of how things could change and how to have a longevity with great SEO.

Let’s just talk about SEO. Like I said, we only offer SEO services and there’s, I mean, listen, as great as we are here, there’s plenty more to learn and there’s plenty of data to geek out on to understand how we could do even better. And we’re always testing new ideas. It’s impossible to do all of these things and focus on it if SEO isn’t your main thing, and we know that from experience because I’ve got my hands full with just continually mastering SEO. It’s never going to be good enough. We don’t compare ourselves to other companies. I compare myself to us and what’s possible for us to dominate in rankings.

So, these are some of the SEO services we can provide here. We have a holistic SEO project approach, so research and planning, making sure that we set you up for the right keywords. I’ve seen so many projects where even somebody who’s okay at the concept of SEO doesn’t take the time to understand how users search for the type of services that businesses provide. They might try to rank for the wrong keywords right at the very beginning, so even if they do succeed in ranking for those keywords, they’re not going to generate revenue and calls for the business. So, part of what happens is we do all the on-page SEO, right? Getting all the page titles, headings, URLs, schema, all that stuff right.

Off-page SEO, so that includes different things like links, sending traffic to the site. We talk about Maps/local SEO. There is no way to understate how important this is for a business that is a local business. And then some cases, what we’ll do is, only in very special situations where we maybe handle … work on as a website technician or a video consulting or broad digital marketing consulting. Be pretty rare that we would need to do that. But what’s definitely not on the service list is being artists and designers, doing Facebook ads, social media marketing, sales copywriting, video creating, fixing your computer, and of course, no walking your dog. These are things that we don’t include because they’re going to take away from all the things that we do that are great.

But what I would love to do is do a free SEO analysis and recommendations for your business. You know, if you’re a local New York business, please contact me for a free SEO analysis and recommendations. Worst case scenario, be able to point you in the right direction and show you what’s possible. If you’re ready for SEO, what the best strategy is if you are, and I’ll show you how we really can create an optimal high-level SEO plan for your business so that you can dominate, because the difference between ranking number five and number one is potentially about 20X more calls. So, whether you’re doing awesome already in SEO, and you want to create a moat around your success, or you’re at the very beginning and you want to be that pillar, that dominator, I know for a fact that we can do an awesome job and really take it to the next level. I mean, this is New York SEO Mensch.