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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ranking your website in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO)and it can bring in lots of presold, qualified customers for your business..who otherwise would go to your competitors.

Lots of businesses get million of dollars a year in revenue directly from ranking in Google.

Before You Purchase SEO From

A Company OR Consultant

there are 5 things you should consider…


How Valuable is Ranking your Website in Google?

SEO is not a great fit for every company.Doing SEO well has a significant cost, so we must look at if we can justify this cost as an investment into the business.

What are your target customers putting into Google’s search engine?
Sometimes what your market is searching for in Google is obvious and sometimes there are lots of un-obvious opportunities for a business.

It will be valuable to explore this deeply, but, to start, we can usually make some quick market level traffic estimates in order to figure out…

Is there a highly profitable path for SEO?
So, let’s say we’ve got some market level SEO traffic level estimates…now, we need to explore what ranking for that looks like and what kind of traffic can be expected…and how valuable that traffic would be to your business were you to attract a significant amount of it.

For some companies, even if they crush their competition in SEO, the market is not substantial enough to justify the costs of doing SEO well.For other companies, they will turn their website into a valuable business asset that generates organic traffic and sales month after month and year after year…there are plenty of companies who make millions of dollars per year with just SEO.

Is this possible for your company?

Contact me today to have me look at it and give you a fair assessment of your situation for free.


What Does Google Think of you Right Now?

In order to get an idea for what an SEO project would look like for your business, there are some more important questions to ask ?Any “SEO Consultant” worth his or her salt should be talking to you about these things…

Does Google know you exist?
Brand new domains will take longer to rank, under most circumstances, than established domain names.
Just like the new guy in the village, Google won’t trust your brand right away.
Fortunately, there are ways to speed up this trust building process…

If they know you exist, do they like you or want to snub you?
It is possible they know you exist…perhaps you’ve existed for years…but they don’t really like you…maybe some previous SEO activity makes their algorithm take your business on the untrusted path.
Don’t worry, there are always ways to get back in Google’s good graces…it may take some time, but it can be done.
It is also possible Google knows you and likes this case, it may be that we look for amplifying your current opportunities.
If you are on the 2nd page, moving to the 1st page can be very helpful.
If you are on the 1st page in the bottom half, moving you into the top 5 would be very helpful.Maybe you are ranking well in some areas of your business, but not others…why?there are many different scenarios possible…
Are they sending you organic traffic now?
One of the best signs that Google likes you at least a little bit is if they are already sending you organic traffic…even if it is just a little bit.
A little bit of organic traffic is far better than zero.
We should take a look at your long term organic traffic trends to identify what SEO opportunities are available
Are you getting other forms of traffic?
If you are doing offline advertising or other forms of digital marketing, then this could affect what SEO paths are best for your business.
Running FB ads?  There may be some SEO integrations/low hanging fruit specific to your situation.
The same is true for radio ads, TV ads, Google ads, organic social media marketing, video marketing, email marketing, and more channels…
…these channels should be at least attempted to be leveraged with your search engine optimization work.


How Tough is the SEO Competition?

From an SEO standpoint, are you facing lots of big tough competitors or are you facing a bunch of businesses with weak SEO?

It is important to distinguish between SEO competition and general business competition. They do often run hand-in-hand…a highly competitive market overall generally has at least somewhat competitive SEO.

However, there are loads of exceptions going multiple ways here…sometimes a very competitive market has some high value, low competition SEO opportunities..and sometimes a market that isn’t very competitive generally can have some big competitors for SEO.

For example, personal injury law is VERY competitive overall, but I know for a fact that most personal injury lawyers have some excellent high value, low competition SEO opportunities they can tap into.

On the flipside, if Amazon, Walmart, and other giant companies are littering the 1st page of a search, then that may be a sign of very high SEO competition.


How Important is Google Maps SEO?

For many local businesses, Maps SEO is almost the whole ballgame..because Google is putting 3 Google My Business (GMB) pages as the 1st 3 non-paid results in their search engine results pages (SERPs).

Therefore, the vast majority of the traffic goes to these maps listings and not the non-maps organic results below them.

Check out this:

The non-maps non-paid results are waaay down there…sometimes the user has to page down twice to see them.The paid ads have taken over more space than they used to (so Google makes more $$)

Additionally, over the last 3-5 years, the Organic Maps Listings have shown up in the search results…more and more prominently over time…to the point to where Maps SEO is the VIP line where the lion’s share of the traffic can be found for some local businesses……because it shows up on top of ALL the non-maps organic results…

Oh, and Google likes it that way because users stay on their platform longer…therefore giving them more time to get data and get them to click on an ad (more 💰💰 for Google again)

Therefore, Google My Business pages (GMBs) showing up in the normal Google search results is here to stay for a looong time.

I identified this trend about 2-3 years ago and so I have spent many hours and thousands of dollars studying Maps SEO and running many SEO tests for my own data…to the benefit of all my local SEO clients now and in the future.I will continue this study and testing so long as Google keeps pushing their on GMB Maps listings.

What ranks your business is Google Maps is almost completely different vs what it took 5 years ago…yet a lot of people are stuck in Maps SEO ideas from 5 years ago.That is why I base all my “New York Local SEO” techniques I do for my client on my own personal Maps testing data…


Do You Have a good High Level SEO Strategy?

I have heard from many customers about other SEO companies…something like, “there’s no SEO plan here…its just a bunch of different actions”…that don’t form a cohesive and powerful whole.Therefore, often the forest gets missed for the trees.

Valuable, low hanging fruit opportunities are missed or actions are not prioritized correctly to provide your business with maximum ROI.

I strongly recommend you don’t try to hire for different pieces of SEO…

…but instead hire someone who knows how to put all the pieces of SEO together properly.On Page, Maps SEO, Off Page, Research and Planning…all these things need to be built within the context of the other. What is best for On Page SEO is affected by the Off Page SEO…and vice versa.

So, if you’d like a good high level SEO strategy for your New York business…Contact Me Today to get a Free SEO Analysis and Recommendations

Contact me today to have me look at it and give you a fair assessment of your situation for free.
Contact Me Today to get a Free SEO Analysis and Recommendations

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Contact Me Today to get a Free SEO Analysis and Recommendations..if you’d like a good high level SEO strategy for your business Just contact me below.

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